Kanchi National Child Labour Project Society was established for Eradication and rehabilitation of Child Labours in Kanchipuram District on 2002 under Chairmanship of the District Collector.  Kanchi National Child Labour Project Society is being executing National Child Labour Project (NCLP) from 2004.


Child Labour Survey was conducted by the TNS MODE INDIA, New Delhi, Conducted survey in Kanchipuram District.

TNS Mode India Survey details

5-8 age Group                 ..        51

9-13 age Group               ..     1694

SSA   (9-13)                     ..     1200 

Total                                ..      2894


In 2004, the Ministry of Labour and Employment has allotted 60 Special School for 3000 Child Labourers for Kanchipuram District. Out of these, cumulatively 6360 Child labourers were identified and enrolled in 60 Special Training Centre so far.  60 Special Training Centre were decreased due to mainstream and migration of Special Training Centre Children.  At present 28 Special Training Centres is being running with 628 Children by the Kanchi National Child Labour Project Society.  Children details as follows.

MALE / FEMALE / Transgender / TOTAL

326  /   302       /          0          /   628

Caste Total
SC 237
ST 253
OBC 138
Total 628

No. of Children Enrollment Details Given Below :

Total No. of Children enrolled
Year Male Female Total
2005- 06 874 920 1794
2006– 07 165 141 306
2007– 08 293 198 491
2008– 09 216 190 406
2009- 10 239 178 417
2010- 11 159 158 317
2011- 12 174 122 296
2012- 13 165 148 313
2013-14 176 152 328
2014-15 96 115 211
2015-16 150 131 281
2016-17 137 108 245
2017-18 175 132 307
2018-19 155 110 265
2019-20 154 137 291
2020-21 42 50 92
Total 3370 2990 6360


No. of Children Mainstreamed Details Given Below :

Children Mainstream year wise details
Year Male Female Total
2005- 06 105 75 180
2006– 07 285 301 586
2007– 08 244 239 483
2008– 09 68 70 138
2009- 10 74 51 125
2010- 11 100 95 195
2011- 12 87 73 160
2012- 13 79 51 130
2013-14 71 75 146
2014-15 89 89 178
2015-16 96 75 171
2016-17 76 74 150
2017-18 108 74 182
2018-19 175 122 297
2019-20 212 168 380
2020-21 109 73 182
Total 1978 1705 3683

Welfare Packages provided :

  • Textbooks, Uniform, Sports & Games Materials, etc :

                Government Free Textbooks from I to VII standard, Note Books, Geometry Box, Chapel, Chess Board, Atlas, 4 Set Uniform, Bag, Colour Pencil, crayons  were provided to Special Training Centre by Kanchipuram District Educational Department.

Working Staff Strength :

Post Appointed
Project Director 1
Programme Manager 2
Clerk cum Accountant 1
Data Entry Operator 1
Office Assistant 1
Clerk Cum Record Keeper 12
Teacher 33
Vocational Trainers 9
Helper 28
Total 88


Health checkups are being conducted once in a month in all Special Training Centers by the near by primary health centre.


Cooked Midday Meal is being provided for Special Training Children in Special Training Center working days through Social Welfare Department.


Stipend amount Rs.400/- is being deposited through DBT by Ministry of Labour and Employment to Special Training Centre Students who have 60% of the attendance in Half yearly once to STC Children Savings Account.

Imparting Pre-vocational of training:

Pre-Vocational Training skills are being imparted by the Pre-Vocational Trainers. This training is very helpful and it improves the creativity of the STC Children and their future employability. Pre Vocational Trainers are already trained in the field of Vocational Training Skills in the following areas.

  • Soft toy making
  • Woolen knitting
  • Embroidering
  • Bags Wiring
  • Paper Bag
  • Flowers making
  • Silk Garland making

Follow up the Mainstreamed Children:

Tracking is done to the mainstreamed children in regular schools through BRT Supervisors, SSA out of School Children Co-coordinator, NCLP field officer, Clerk Cum Accountants and Special Training Centre teachers.

In the year 2020-21, 54 Mainstreamed STC children Studying Higher Education and they also getting Rs.6000/- (Rs.500/- per month) from Tamil Nadu Government.


      Bit notices were printed and circulated among the rural people. Stickers were printed and pasted in all Government offices, Panchayat Union Buildings, Panchayat Offices, Educational Institutions. Village Level meeting were conducted to make aware about the notification.
       Child Labour issues have been discussed in Mass Contact Programme in the villages. Meetings were also conducted for Anganwadi Women Workers.
          In all Grama Sabha meetings, child labour eradication issue is included in Agenda.  Special focus is being given by Panchayat Presidents for this issue.  District administration announced a special fund for the village development for those villages declaring as “Child Labour Free “.
       Government Doctors are visiting each STC Centre once in a month and providing medical care.  When ever medical care is needed to a particular child on emergency the NCLP Staff is taking the child to the Government Health Centre and getting necessary treatment. The Government doctors also providing best care to our children with full cooperation.
       Children in all NCLP Centres are being provided with Mid-day meal regularly by the District Social welfare Department administration.
       All the Teaching and Learning Materials like Text Books, Note Books, School Bags, Cheppals, Colour Pencils, Geomanterary Box etc., are being supplied by the School Education Department, Government of Tamil Nadu through the District Chief Educational Officer, Kancheepuram.
      During the Grama Sabha meetings the officials are including the subject of Child Labour eradication in the Agenda and enlighten the public on implementation of Child Labour Project and enrollment of Children in NCLP STCs / Regular School.
     The parents of the STC children enrolled as members of the SHG by the NCLP Staff and the DRDA is assisting financially under micro finance shemes.
     We have conducted Special Aadhar Enrollment Camps for STC Children Enrollment in Aadhar with the help of Aadhar UID Officials.
     In selected areas, NGOs are helping the Families of the STC Children by arranging micro finance and getting revenue House site Pattas in coordination with the Government Officials.
     The Medicals Officers in Urban / Rural PHCs are providing proper health care for the STC Children when they are Periodically Visiting the hospital. They are also providing vitamin tablets, Oilments for common ailments.
     All the basic data of the STC Children are being uploaded in the PENCiL Portal every month.  Hence MoLE New Delhi is able to have the 1st hand information on the progress of the scheme.  The public can also have access in the PENCiL Portal to register the complaints of Child Labour abuse and get their grievances solved.  This also helps in eradication of Child Labour.

All women and men self help groups are being involved in creating Child Labour awareness among the public. During the celebration of World Women’s day and Anti Child Labour day, Women self help group member are taking oath against child employment and exploitation of child rights.

Allout efforts are being taken by the District Administration to ensure community participation through Grama Sabha meetings and Special schemes like ‘Namathu Gramam’ in eradicating child labour in all Panchayats.


In all Grama sabha meetings being conducted with the coordination of rural development officials / Elected representatives, steps are being taken to stress the importance on banning of child employment in the Domestic and hospitality sectors on any account.

COVID – 19 Pandemic Period  activities

a) With the help of District Social Welfare department, food materials are being issued to all the children in 28 STCs once in a week.

b) To avoid contamination of COVID-19, the Precautionary measures to be taken by the STC children and their families were explained in the meetings held at their respective areas by the NCLP Staff.

c) As per the instructions of the District Collector / President of the NCLP, frequent visits were under taken to the residences of the STC children by the NCLP Staff and ensured their public hygiene and prevention of health hazards during the COVID-19 period. These activities will be continued until the end of COVID-19 lockdown period.

d) All the learning materials are issued to the STC Children for Academics year 2020-21 with the help of District Educational Department.

e) NCLP staff are daily visiting the residence places of the STC children to know their safety ness and making them awareness about the importance of keeping Social Distancing, frequent washing their hands and wearing masks.

f) The NCLP staff are meeting STC children and parents and advising them not to allow their children in indulging in any other activities which will affect their health to ensure their safety ness during COVID-19 lockdown period. By following the frequent visits of NCLP staff, the STC children are not allowed to any other work.

Contact :
KANCHIPURAM – 631 501.
Ph.: 044-27238050